About Us


Sardari Motorsport’s purpose is to celebrate, support and promote people of all backgrounds who are involved in motorsports at any level.  Our ultimate goal is to see more people from South Asian communities involved in Motorsport.


  • Celebrate: Highlight Motorsport role models, Heros and Heroines from all communities, but specifically those that people from South Asian backgrounds can relate to.
  • Support: Share experiences and information from those involved in Motorsports.
  • Promote: Raise awareness of people who are currently working to turn their dreams into reality.


We will:

Promote role-models by sharing stories of relevant people who have participated in Motorsports in the past and in the present day. 

Support our followers by sharing simple information on how to get involved in different types of Motorsport. We’ll share what we are up to.  Invite our followers to join us if they would like to come along.

Promote friends of Sardari Motorsport who are taking part in Motorsport at various levels.

Ultimately. Do what we can to encourage people to give Motorsport a try!

What are your thoughts?

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